The testimony of miraculous healing is infinite: tuberculosis healed, limbs made well, suicide attempts thwarted due to tempestuous intervention, help given in confidence to those who asked in confidence. All these wonders deal with helping the daily needs of ordinary people such as the illness of a child, a test to overcome, a job to be found, the miracle- in other words of getting through the day-which can be most extraordinary in a city like Naples which is evermore inflicted with poverty and degradation.

Comfort for the suffering was his unique offering which never ended even if his own health was at stake. He turned away no one, prayed for everyone and suffered for everyone. He didn’t care for elaborate food or clothing, withstood cold and hunger and was seen to have walked through the snow without protection on his feet.

He was an undesired guest in his very own home, and was despised for those moments of uncomfortableness and trouble. But didn’t Jesus say that a man’s enemies are often his own family ? He went up to the most contagious of the sick and caressed them, kissed them, and cases where disgust would have put off compassion in others, in Dolindo brought on mercy. The first Eurcaristic communion was for him a mystic union with Christ on the cross.

His patience was heroic virtue; he knew from inspiration from within that worldly evil is dispelled through the charity of a patient heart. In man he saw the son of God’s suffering and preferred to put himself in the background to allow others to shine in the limelight divine, however subtle, which illuminates each and every man , woman, and child born on earth and is the life of God within us. Nothing was dearer to him than the Church. He allowed no one to pity him and in so doing discredit the Mother-Church. He professed that it is the Mother of saints, that only through obedience to the Catholic Church and the Holy Pontiff can the flowers of Paradise blossom, and that sainthood is a good bought through the bank of tears.

That’s why Dolindo found love through suffering and the more his arthritis crippled him up in knots, the more he felt joy from the fruits he brought to the Church. Sustained by ulcerous, pus filled, wounded legs, he went onward in his journey along love strewn paths towards the divine, towards peace foreseen only in his grave. When he entered the church he kissed the hand of the poor begging at the door, and of he who was remorseful and asking forgiveness for wrongs done, he turned to them meek and pious and embraced them asking them to first forgive him for giving them reason. Dolindo’s heart swelled with joy upon feeling the presence of the Virgin, the saints, and of the Guardian Angels. His heart was large, overflowing with love to the point of rupturing his ribcage. His benign nature aided souls in distress even from afar. He is known to have covered the sick destined to the operating room with his cloak thus helping them pass a night of anguish. He is known to have taken part himself in grave surgical operations. He is known to have prescribed to patients otherwise abandoned by medical science out-of-the-ordinary and quite miraculous remedies under the name of Doctor “Cretinico Sciosciammocca”

His goodness was not arrogant, the austerity of his habits did not conflict with his Mediterranean nature as suffering does not necessarily extinguish joy but instead manifests it. The parody of official science which resulted in failure regarding Dolindo’s diagnosis and therapy was the opportunity of trusting the patient to the love of God and the Virgin and it sounded like this: human remedy- cold kick syrup, supreme remedy- divine willingness mixed with Hail Mary Drops.

His goodness made even Hell tremble. Just as demons subdued to Jesus and publicly declared that he was in fact the son of God, just as Father Pio from Pietrelcina in his fight against Satan succeeded in winning due to the wounds of Christ. And also Father Dolindo on the occasions of the exorcisms practiced by him which vicariously thrust out the demons from the bodies of the possessed who cursed against him.
Demons are known to obey only he who works by the hand of God. One day when a rather resistant demon made fun of Father Dolindo, refusing exorcistic therapy, Father Dolindo grasped a rope and began to flagellate himself and with his penitence inflicted such pain that the demon was forced to abandon its unfortunate victim.