The Lord's Battles: how they are won

The Lord's Battles: how they are won

The evil of the world, our sins and our errors, cause us great suffering while we are searching for Good. The suffering is double: at the beginning of spiritual life we feel a painful blow due to the confusion of the world. We suffer more for this confusion and from injustice than we do from our love of our offended God. In this case, zeal is more divisive; we tremble, we want to speak, we think it to be a loss when we cannot speak; we can fall into arguments, and incidents of violence, etc.

When our love for God grows, then we feel more pain for the offense to Him, and rather than speaking, we feel the need to repair this hurt. The pain is more profound and our zeal is calmer, more charitable, more forgiving, because it concerns the sinner in the light of God's goodness, God who loves the sinner anyway.

We walk in a sea where all are drowning and where few are in the ark of good health. They are like those about to drown in the Great Deluge who were facing the great abyss, and who married and laughed and bought and sold and ignored Noah, who with great effort built his ark. We walk among the plague-stricken and among those who hide their purulent sores with elegant vestments, among people who slide into the abyss and do not realize it. We are among small worms that haughtily lift against the Lord their foreheads slippery with filth. What suffering it is do be able to do nothing! And yet God gives us the weapons to fight, provided we live with Jesus.

We must have great faith in the Providence of God; He knows how to draw forth good from this evil. God is not defeated by any of his creations, but rather is He a King infinitely great, who lets so much evil loose just because He is infinitely great and good.

You see a painter who mixes up his colors, who spills together black and white, and green with blue, etc., but you know he is an artist so you have faith in his talent. Looking at the disorders of the world, you turn your eyes to God who is infinite Good and Providence. Have faith that He will dominate that disorder; turn to Him, so that He will take care of it; without worrying yourself. So often, great worry hides a lack of faith.

Aim your weapons at evil and offer your suffering, offer the pain of your miseries. It is a treasure that you possess; by offering them to God, you make an act of humility and of faith, and you attract His forgiveness. God is powerful in His use of your sufferings when they are causing you pain and you offer them to Jesus. To the physician who cures those afflicted with smallpox, what can you give but the pus from your sores? It is a misery; but with that pus the physician can create a cure.

Do not worry about what you can do, about what you can write; instead, pray silently, with humble and faithful humility. Prayer carries into battle the general’s plan, it brings you new supplies from heaven. You pray and graces rain down, and the angels go on the march. Prayer is like a bombardment from on high; before advancing against evil, Prayer climbs into its plane, it climbs into the sky and from on high it will rain down the bombs which will destroy the plans of Satan.

Pray to God with faith with surety: “Lord end this evil, I beg You, through Your glory.”

This sentence, which is so simple, upon climbing into the sky becomes a cloud; it charges itself with celestial electricity, it curves down towards the earth and releases a bolt of lightning, it burns the depots of gunpowder, it explodes the artillery, loosens the earth and then becomes healing rain.

Act, speak, work, but in subordination to the other weapons. If we do not clear the battlefield, then the infantry cannot march into action. Do not wear yourself out speaking, but look at God who gives you the living Word. One word from heaven is worth a thousand speeches, and a blow of 305 words is worth a thousand rifle shots.

God moves along roads different from yours. You speak, you work, doing your best not to tempt God, but rather to give Him your help. Instead, repose in Him. If you would like to speak and you cannot, leave the unspoken word to Him. He will say that word in His heart.

If an arid word comes to your lips, give it to Him, so he can make it bloom. If you speak, full of the joy of life, praise God who has filled you with it. In general when you are unhappy and humiliated, that is when God is most present. Act with simplicity, and never be upset. If you must be quiet, fight then with your other weapons. Never be discouraged, because, if you become discouraged, you search for your self. If you want to succeed, love not being able to succeed when you want, but calmly wait for God's time.

You need patience, tenacity and calm. Be as the ant: if you destroy her work, the mound she has built, what does she do? She rebuilds it with the same calm as before. Be as the spider: what happens if you destroy its web? The spider rebuilds it in the night, and makes itself a refuge in the corner of the wall. And if you ruin its work again? It goes somewhere else until it succeeds in laying out its trap for the fly.

Are you looking for a soul? Stretch out a net to capture it. This net must be made not by using thread, but rather by opening yourself, by your suffering, by your prayers, and by your sighs. If a fault, or a snare or some evil destroys your net, rebuild it as many times as needed, always with the same calm. The day will come when you will capture that soul, and then the eternal apostolate will mean for that soul not death, as the web does for the fly, but rather Life; you will cause that soul to be reborn.

Be always peaceful, repose in God, live in God, look not so much to men and their human ways: <“Only You, Lord!> Is your case difficult? Turn to God: <Only You can, oh Lord!> Are there obstacles in your way? <May You alone triumph, oh Lord!> Have you been struck down, and are you separated from others? Are you hiding under your bed, <under a bushel>? Follow the Lord also in this; from under the bed you can attack better, you can deliver a magnificent blow to the evil you could never face directly.

Patience is the perfect way, and with patience you will win. The Apostles won through martyrdom, Jesus won with the Cross! Wait and trust; Jesus won the world and has already won it in its entirety. There is no struggle that begins that He has not already won. Therefore repose in Him and peacefully await His moment. Follow the way God has traced out for you. If you are a woman, what do you do? When God calls all souls back to life, He will call women to His apostolate, because He needs mothers. When He needs to feed the revived world, He calls upon men, because he needs fathers. He called upon Our Lady when He wanted to be born, and He was reborn to give us all life again. He called upon Our Lady in the Cenacle, and at the foot of the Cross, when the Church was born and promulgated; He sent the Apostles to nourish the reborn world, and the Church was born in His blood through Maria. In His work of restoration, Jesus chose women, because humanity made apostate was dead and had to be reborn. First the world needed mothers, and then He will send priests to nourish it. Are you a woman? Then Jesus has chosen this for you. Take repose in this. He knew that from you He needed an apostolate, He wanted it this way, and you should find your rest in Him. Poland, in its last battle against the Bolsheviks, won, thanks to its women.

God's strongest paths are within the soul. One atom given life by God is as powerful as an entire solar system. A mountain is more of an impediment than an advantage for some one who must move. Do not love big things, big spectacles, and big movements, but rather, love humble things. Who dresses in royal colors does not gain; but whosoever goes bare footed as did Saint Peter can destroy the pride of Imperial Rome. Don't worry so much about yourself; do not be pessimistic. A mother who worries about herself feeds her baby poorly. Pessimism deeply hurts the soul, and causes it to lose faith. Our miseries are like dustbins that collect refuse. If you waste time in thinking about them you will never do anything. Have faith, have faith and give your suffering to Jesus, so that from them He can create nourishment.